2009 Goudey team set pricing on eBay.

Sorry for the bitty photos but they're from eBay. Brewers $2.95 BIN, $2.50 shipping: Phillies $3.49/$2.50:

Look at Mr. Lidge's pitching hand. Anatomy drawing class, anyone?

Cardinals $3.49/$2.50:

We bet Marie already has that Pujols! Not a bad card compared to most.

Blue Jays $2.95/$2.50:

Twins $2.95/$2.50:

Don't think we've ever seen a bad card of Joe Mauer before, so at least 2009 Goudey is innovative in that sense.

Cubs $2.49/$2.50:

It seems insulting to price the cards lower than the shipping.

Reds $3.95/$2.50:

If you have one of those magnifiers on your Microsoft mouse (actually a pretty cool item--we use it a lot) then look at the Dave Concepcion card in particular because it is downright scary. Reminds us of an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation but we can't remember which alien he looks like. There is a terrible flaw in this Red team "set". Yes, that's right. NO MICAH!

Angels $1.95/$2.50:

Don't they all look lost?

Yankees $9.95/$2.50:

The most cards, of course. However, don't buy now as management may slash prices later.

Lotsa Red Sox ($8.95/$2.50) too, although I'll never know what those last three are:

Mets $2.95 /$2.50 shipping:

Worst card EVER of David Wright! Aaugh! Turning off magnifier!

Dodgers $4.95/$2.50:

Always with the Gibson already. Basta!

Tigers $2.95/$2.50:

That's a nice Curtis! Must have that Curtis! Despite the inexplicably thick neck.

'09 Goudey Plus: No little Jeters and Griffeys on every single goshdarn card.

'o9 Goudey Minus: No backgrounds. Nothing throwback. Bad, often terrible, art.

Dinged Corners rating: half a ding.


mikepelfreyshouse said...

Those cards are ugly as heck! NO PELF? Actually Im glad, they make everyone look disgusting. Jon Niese looks like the swamp thing, Beltran looks of Asian descent, Reyes looks...strange, and Wright looks like a pig. Eww

madding said...

Only 5 Cardinals... I feel short-changed. I may not buy a single pack of this stuff because they've taken the worst part of the artwork and made it... worse, somehow.

steveisjewish said...

These are awful. just awful

night owl said...

I've never liked Goudey. I know some people do. But these are worse than ever.

Bay Rat North West said...

That Concepcion photo is from his rookie year. He looks like that shape shifting security guy from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

bought a blaster
and it seemed like every other player i pulled had shades on

lazy artists?

Core Contrarian said...

Generous rating.