2009 Topps Heritage blaster. And the greatest card ever.

The garish yellow packs are a definite plus.
The blaster that says 'bonus' is a beeeeeg annoyance.

7 packs plus one extra pack! Also known as: 8 packs! This 7-plus-bonus rigamarole is a pet peeve. Let me inform you right off the bat, as it were, that this blaster had nothing good in it, from our perspective. Exceptin' for this card:

This is possibly one of the greatest baseball cards ever made. We'll do a post about just this card alone. It is the essence of all that is good in the world.

How goofy is this shot? We thought it said Cincy Clusters, like maybe a candy bar.

What do these two Rookie Star/Topps Magazine cards have in common? They came in the same pack, which is interesting. Have you mailed us your answer yet? Tap tap tap tap tap tap. Tippity tap. We're waiting. Ok, fine. We'll tell you what these two cards of Perez and Cruz have in common. Wild hair and crazed expressions, that's what.

Kerry Wood is in his Indians uniform: good. Then there is Manny being an '08 Red Sock. What about the World Series shot? Kind of nifty. One deeply troubling aspect of this box is that there was only one stinkin' Met card.
And then there was Evan. Does he kind of look very "Mr. Baseball"y here?in this shot?:

Does he often strike that pose? Selected by the youth of America? What do yutes know?

Don't you think baseball people would stay in better shape? But Mr. Manuel certainly seems to know how to manage a team. This was a good box for Cliff. He's getting all kindsa Phillies from this box.

You know, when you get right down to it, Detroit has a nice uniform. But we very, very much wish this were a Curtis Granderson card.

In crowd shots from the sixties, one thing always stands out: people are not dressed like slobs.
I think you can pretty much trace the fall of western civilization to the fact that men now wear baggy shorts and flip-flops in public.

If you have to have a team card, then it should look like this one. Sharp.

"Sparks" is one of those text-on-the-back words. Along with "cranks," "caps," "clinches," and "knocks."

Shiiiiiiiiiinnnny! Mr. Ankiel looks quite square of jaw.

We KNOW we've seen that Zimmerman pic on the left before. On a previous Heritage card, in fact. But that is not a good picture for a baseball card on the right. It looks as if he's thinking, "Ack, another baseball card photo session." Who will do worse this year, the Nationals or the Mariners?

Oh, by the way. Did I mention that the Mets are going to win the World Series?

Other cards in the blaster, in the order they emerged:

79 Carlos Pena
30 Grady Sizemore
22 Khalil Greene
264 Cole Hamels
366 Ervin Santana
302 Checklist (team Phillies)
99 Lastings Milledge
262 Mark Teahen
328 Jesus Flores
252 Brian Bannister
16 Chris Perez
31 Raul Ibanez
416 J.C. Romero
311 Jason Marquis
161 Jose Valverde
390 WS Game 5
491 Manny Ramirez -- continuing in dramatic fashion the trend of cartooning the player on the back in the farthest thing from an actual likeness that you can possibly imagine
199 David Purcey
287 Moises Alou
128 Scott Elbert
121 Angel Salome
43 Checklist (team Nationals)
221 Jim Leyland
66 Jesse Litsch
336 Paul Byrd
365 Carlos Quentin
330 Franklin Gutierrez
133 Luis Cruz
120 Fernando Perez
353 Luke Hochevar
112 Scott Lewis
289 Carlos Delgado
318 Evan Longoria
83 Derek Jeter
87 Jarrod Washburn
12 Jeremy Guthrie
53 Adam Jones
27 Nick Blackburn
183 Checklist (team Pirates)
209 Randy Wolf
415 Jayson Werth
C29 Rick Ankiel
136 Matt Tuiasosopo **excellent name**
14 Jeremy Sowers
234 Juan Pierre
466 Phillies coaches
NF7 Marshall Space Flight Center
352 Cincy Clusters Clouters
222 Charlie Manuel
254 Brandon Lyon
97 Kevin Kouzmanoff
BF2 Bill Mazeroski **greatest card ever**
266 Ricky Nolasco
203 Chris Iannetta
84 Yadier Molina
293 Joe Blanton
201 Chad Tracy
151 Checklist (team Giants)
119 Wilkin Castillo
480 Jorge Posada
146 Ramon Ramirez
C94 Ryan Zimmerman
197 Orlando Hudson

Of course if you need a card from the list, other than the Maz and the Phillies for Cliff, just drop a line. These are pretty wonderful cards but we don't have the completist urge.


Covered in Wrappers said...

Can you hold onto the Jeter for me? I haven't pulled one yet, and none have landed in the mail. The refractor is a nice pull from a blaster.

night owl said...

Those text-on-the-back words also come in handy when writing headlines:

1. Sparks. Used.
2. Cranks. Haven't used.
3. Caps. Used.
4. Clinches. Used
5. Knocked. Used.

Re: World Series card with caption: "Scrambling After Ball"

Isn't that what Cinderella did?

Word verification (I must mention this): Mooki.

AlbuqwirkE said...

I'll trade you for that Scott Elbert card that you can't think of a use for...

Dubbs said...

I must say I love the '09 Heritage cards somefin fierce...but too spendy to complete for me. I must also say, 'twere I a Brewers fan opening this blaster, I'd be quite put off. The Angel Salome is nice though, that little fireball is going to be a great catcher for someone someday.

lonestarr said...

Just for that fall of civilization crack... I'm gonna wear baggy shorts and flip flops in public today. :P

Word Verification: mosigh (!)

PS: I'll be sketchin' up the box your cards are being sended in if you wish to stop by my somewhat rarely used justin.tv channel sometime this evening.

madding said...

I would love the rainbowy Ankiel card if it's up for grabs. I have some golden Mets Topps cards from the past few years if that sounds interesting.

Dan said...

I'm going to finish this set this year if it kills me! Could I reserve a few cards: 491, 87, NF7, 480,

Dan said...

Forgot to mention, Thanks for curing me of my desire to buy one of these blasters. I bought two hobby boxes, and every one of those cards, except for 1 base, I have already. I appreciate your concern for my card collection!

Steve said...

That is one GREAT Mazeroski card . . . I wonder who those kids are ? Mazeroski was (is) one my favorites non-Cub ever ! Will have to put that card on my "look for" list, thanks.

Slette said...

I suppose if you want to trade the Jeter and Posada, I wouldn't get mad at you guys. I actually just (re)sent a package out your way yesterday - we'll see if the gods of postage accept it this time!

DC said...

Marie: Jeter
Kris: Elbert
Eric S.: Posada
Dubbs: Salome
Madding: Ankiel
Dan: email us
Dinged Corners: post office

--David said...

I'd love to have the "Wood in Tribe garb" card!! :-)

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Oh my, that Maz card IS really sweet. Looking forward to your post about it.

That Delgado card just screams "glorious baseball card," too!

DC said...

Mets Guy, email us your address or po box...we can send you the Delgado, as another blogger sent us one, so we have two!

David, we shall send you the KWood in Tribe Garb.

Bluesky said...

I have the same Ankiel refractor. I love the 1960 Topps card design. To me, they are what baseball cards are supposed to look like.

capewood said...

The Cincy Clusters card is pretty scary. What was going on with their eyes? I've got a bunch of Mets for you including Mr. Wright. I haven't seen a Granderson card this year but I'll be sure to save one for you if I get one.

lonestarr said...

Didn't go with flip-flops today, but the shorts were kinda baggy. :P

Emailing my channel url on the off chance you may wish drop by. I Shoulda thought of doing that sooner methinks.

Word Verification: dalid