A and G + TTM = A OK.

Mr. K's signature is a bit difficult at first, but then we decided that it reads Kazuo F. Penmanship: C. Aesthetic Appeal: A. Final Grade: B. The Allen & Ginter project is going well. Here are this week's results. The only puzzlement is that the envelope that came from J.J. Putz looked a little bit like a mouse may have snacked on it at some point en route from Port St. Lucie.
But Mr. Putz doesn't seem to mind. You can almost make out his name. Penmanship: B. Aesthetic appeal: A-. Final Grade: B+.

Mr. Thome does the Ichiro Point. Penmanship: C+. Aesthetic appeal: B. Final Grade: B-.

A wispy signature that begins in a gloriosity of JR and then wiggles down to an invisible s. Penmanship: B-. Aesthetic appeal: B+. Final Grade: B.

Of course we are kidding. All TTM signatures receive an 'A' for Amazinglyfun.

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tastelikedirt said...

Your lucky the mouse only snacked on it and didn't eat the whole thing.