David Wright. Do not hold the Mayo.

dayf has the definitive post on these cards, but he didn't get this awesome stellar topnotch no turning back pedal to the metal example of fabulosity. David Wright. Or more specifically, WRIGHT, New York. Mayo's is always good. For Collecting and Trading.
Come on, admit it. Everyone everywhere omnibaseballteamularly wishes David Wright was on their team. Are we wright? You know that we are. These cards came from the very thoughtful Mr. Adam E of Thoughts and Sox. He sent several other cards for one of Lucy's collections but we found this one strangely interesting:
Ichiro in his lightsaber pose, but with the picture purposefully blurry. You can tell that I'm not joshin' about this, because the name 'Ichiro' and the Bowman Heritage label are clear as can be.

We also got a couple of USA Baseball cards. Wes Hatton is a pitcher, not a hitter, so his lightsaber pose is a little different. Thank you, AdamE.


AdamE said...

Sorry for the lack of Mets in the package I sent you. It was luck that I had the Ichiro because I sent all of my Ichiro's to Heartbreaking a little while back abut missed that one. Now I'm glad I did becasue it gave me something to send you.

GCA said...


Word of the day!

Wax Heaven said...

You can keep Wright, I prefer Hanley. :)