Join us for a Fairfield fandango. AKA Dinged Corners contest.

EDIT: To provide a fair number of choices we are adding a few questions:

17)Name a team card from 2009 Topps Heritage where the team is standing, not sitting.

18) One '09 UD Team Leaders card shows Carlos Delgado and Jose Reyes. Who is the third player?

19) What do we at DC call cards that demonstrate the recursive effect?

20) Which 1985 Topps Father-Son card depicts a current AL manager?

21) With whom is Tim Lincecum paired on his '09 Heritage Master & Mentor card?

22) Who is rounding third on the magic baseball card we recently wrote about?

23) I'm looking at two '09 Topps League Leaders cards. Santana and Lincecum are on both. Who is the third player on either of these two cards?

No shoveling necessary, and the only entry blank you need is to answer one question and mention a team, year or player preference before anyone else does, and we'll send you whatever we pull out of a brand new Fairfield repack box like this one. Which, despite the post title, was actually a pretty darned good box. We were being ironic and stuff.

The current box will be given to me tomorrow (I have this on good authority) and will of course be sealed, as well as wrapped.

We do this tomorrow, on April 15th, because it's our birthday, both in years (me) and in posts (1000/Dinged Corners), and it is better to give than to receive.

We are also trying to make up for the delay in sending out those 2009 Heritage cards, (only a couple have thus far been mailed) but we now have the envelopes addressed. :) So ideally, Cards on Cards, Marie-Cardboard Problem, Cheese and Beer, Kris AlbuqwirkE, David Tribe and Mr. Slette will all sign up so we can just add extra cards to their already-addressed packets. Plus everyone else is welcome, too. Let me define 'everyone.'

We would like to limit this to the people we know...that is, if you've ever commented on Dinged Corners, OR if you have a baseball card blog, OR if you happen to be in our Gem Mint Peeps list, you can enter. That's it! Then pick one of the three categories that no one else has picked, and answer one question that no one else has answered, and watch what you get. We hope it's something good. You will receive all cards pulled from the box that are your year, team, or player choice.

After tomorrow, we won't be distracted by that pesky family CPA business because, in addition to the momentousness of our birthday, April 15 is also the blessed relief tax deadline. So your mail will go out pretty fast.

Here are the questions. You only need answer ONE. It cannot be one that has already been answered. Then, enter your player, year or team preference. For example:

Player: Moyer. Answer: The Four-Out rule.


Year: 1987. Answer: Ed Kranepool.


Team: Cardinals. Answer: 17 home runs.

First come first served on the player, year, team choice.

We hardly ever participate in contests because we hardly ever comprehend the rules. So, if these rules are not clear, we empathize.

1) Which number Yankee Stadium Legacy card is "The House That Ruth Built" with text beginning, "The Sultan of Swat pounds a pair of roundtrippers on 9/29/27"?

2) According to the back of the player's 1980 Topps card, who "led the Pacific Coast League with a .700 won-lost percentage at Phoenix in 1977?"
3) What recently traded player is depicted on a 2009 Topps card on his tiptoes, or maybe even partially midair, about to catch a midair baseball?
4) What set has a well-known figure on the front of one card saying, "Welcome, Martian and Earthling type baseball fans! The final game of the intergalactic series is about to begin here on Mars."
5) In the 2009 Upper Deck Team Leaders series, one card depicts Tim Redding (10 wins) and Lastings Milledge (24 stolen bases). Who is the third player and what is the statistic cited?
6) In this year's UD Team USA series I, which player is said in one game to have gotten "into the action during a 25-0 blowout of Russia on 7/28/08"?
7) What company had a 1992 card of the Phillie Phanatic and a little kid in a pink shirt and white shorts?
8) Which player whose last name begins with a K appeared, smiling, on a Keebler card in 2001?
9) Which player did blogger ES send us a refractor card of, and then in a $1.59 pack of Allen & Ginter, we got the mini card of him that we needed, all within 24 hours? pardon the dangling preposition
10) What player is notorious for being mercurial about signing TTM, so you will either get back a RTS envelope or a signed card, depending on the whim?
11) Who is the player Lucy likes the best today in her smile binder? Hint: he's on a shiny 1996 Pinnacle Summit card.
12) Who, on his 1994 UD Collector's Choice card, is depicted on the front with a teammate being flipped over the player's back, and on the reverse is depicted with a thuggish five o'clock shadow and a Bowery Bums style of wearing his baseball hat?
13) What player do we keep receiving cards of from many wonderful bloggers and readers, but we rarely if ever get a double? We refer to this as the _____ _____ Effect.
14) Name at least one baseball player who adds a Bible verse to his autograph.
15) The manager of our favorite team used to play what position?
16) Who is Lucy's second favorite baseball player?

Remember, pick a category (team, player OR year) plus answer a question. That's it. Deadline tomorrow, April 15th, at 6 pm MT/8 pm ET.

If by chance more than 16 people participate we'll add more questions.

And let us please take this opportunity to thank you all for being witty, overly generous cyberfriends who help make baseball card collecting fun for me and my family.


Duane said...

Blue Jays

15) 2b as well as a bit of SS and 3b

Duane said...

oh I forgot: Happy Birthday!

Captain Canuck said...

let's see if I have this correct...

14)answer: Micah Owings

Team - Braves

and thanks!

RoofGod said...

Fun contest. I'll take Question #5 for $200 Alex.

Team: Tigers Answer: Christian Guzman .316 Batting Average

Greg said...

Team: Cubs Answer: Cristian Guzman .316 Average

Kevin said...

I hope I did this right.

Team: Orioles. #14 Answer: Micah Owings.

dinged corners said...

Umpire input: RoofGod and Greg answered pretty much simultaneously, so both count.

DC said...

Umpire #2: we will take both the Cap'n and Kevin Micah answers.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Oops this question was taken, Ill try # 15: Jerry Manuel and he was a 2B/SS

Ill pick the Mets unless you guys want em, If so, my second pick would be the year 2006 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jim said...

Team: Phillies
#7 Answer: Donruss Triple Play

Happy birthday and happy end of tax season!

mikepelfreyshouse said...

OK Ill try this one more time, an unanswered question...ok # 13: its the zito effect.
Like I said before happy birthday and Ill ppick the mets, second pick 2006

--David said...

Team: Indians. Answer: #13 - The Barry Zito Effect

dayf said...

Year: 1989. 4) 1992 Upper Deck Comic Ball.

I tried really hard to figure out the answer to #1, but failed.

gcrl said...

21 - bruce bochy

can't believe i took a giants question

Motherscratcher said...

Year: 2007

#22: Bill Mazeroski

Happy Birthday! And, congratulations on your 1,000th post. I hope you're still around blogging when I hit 1,000 posts...in the year 2037.

(I darn near spelled you're your. I hate it when I so that.)

zman40 said...

33- Bill Mazaroski


night owl said...

Aaarrgghhh. Another contest starting when I'm at work!

If I'm not too late:

No. 22: Bill Mazeroski

Team choice: Dodgers. If that's taken, I'll pick 1995 for the year.

night owl said...

Oh, and happy, happy, joy, joy! Have a good time on your birthday!

White Sox Cards said...

Team: White Sox.
Answer: Card #134 Terry & Tito Francona

White Sox Cards said...

lest I forget...



tastelikedirt said...

#22 Answer Bill Mazeroski

Team - Oakland A's!

Happy Birthday...mt birthday is April 20th. Awesome.

madding said...

Oh man, this is a setup!

#17 - the Cardinals, of course.

Team: er, Cardinals, right?

I have stuff to send to you guys, but I need to get more organized.

Happy birthday, happy Jackie Day... not so happy Tax Day...

MDA said...

Question 8) Which player whose last name begins with a K appeared, smiling, on a Keebler card in 2001?

Answer: It could be any one of the following five players...

Eric Karros
Byung-Hyun Kim
Ryan Klesco
Mark Kotsay
Chad Kreuter

Everybody smiles on a Keebler card.

Player/Team/Year? - surprise me

Okay, that didn't follow the format that you requested at all. I'm feeling rebellious today.

Happy Birthday. Happy no more big tax work right now. Happy baseball carding.

White Sox Cards said...

Oops. Thought I put the question number down. My answer was for question #20.

That's what I get for typing during insomnia.

PunkRockPaint said...

Happy Birthday and Thousandth post! PunkRockPaint is easily confused by contests, but certainly enjoyed reading yours. PunkRockPaint considers PunkRockPaint lucky to be your sonically sealed cyberfriend.

Keep up the great work! PunkRockPaint hopes your Mets win (starting on Friday. Go Padres!) PunkRockPaint is commenting in the 3rd person for no apparent reason.

May Dinged Corners rule this land for several thousand more posts!

(I gotta lay off the caffeine. Whoa!)

DC said...

Please extend our thanks to Mr. PunkRockPaint for the very kind words!