Lowest on the card chain: the pack ripper.

Or perhaps we should say Pack the Ripper.
Today while running errands, including a stop at Target for dog food and antiseptic hand soap (which we liked even before this flu deal), we picked up this

Fairfield repack, along with a pack of Stadium Club and two packs of '09 Artifacts. While putting the white plastic red dotted Target bags in the van, we noticed that the Artifacts packs had each been torn open at one end. Now, we don't expect ever ever to find anything beyond base cards in a pack at Target, because the pack searchers get up waaaaay earlier in the morning than we do.

However. Not to put too fine a point on it, we'd much prefer not getting anything special from a pristine pack rather than getting a pack that has already been torn open and rejected, thank you. Call us picky if you must, but we'd like to do our own rejecting.

When we trudged back to return the packs, we asked the person in customer service if this happened a lot. "I don't know," she said helpfully. "Maybe it happens at the manufacturer!" Oh, not bloody likely, my dear.

So. We add our restiveness to the well-stated, plaintive post by Sooz at A Cardboard Problem. With nary a card shop or card show in our region, once in a while we have to get our cardkicks from retail. We've half accepted the inevitability of pre-searched packs. But pack rippers? They rip packs open to have a peek and return the carefully sliced packs to the box! What if these scoundrels see a promising card? Do they then buy the pack? Remove the card?

The final effect of a busy morning, no card shops nearby, no accessible card shows, then stopping by a retail establishment to pick up a few cardboard bits, only to have the fun dashed. Dashed, we say. Thus reducing us to a Griswold not finding the Christmas bonus.

Nevertheless, much like the Griswoldian uplift that occurs after that classic rant, guess what? Go ahead, guess.

That's right. We found nice stuff in the Fairfield repack. For instance, this Billy Wagner Fleer throwback.

The regular cards are all like Reggie. The throwbacks are sepia-toned, and the backs are like this (look on the right):

The gray, rougher cardboard. So that's cool. A throwbacky Met. Then of course there was the requisite Game Used:


you got a jersey bit from 2005 Topps Opening Day Baseball! Let us know if any of you Angels or Glaus people need this.

One of the packs was a Topps Heritage.

And under a smiling David Wright card we found

there was another kind of throwback. A Bill Renna autograph. Blue Sharpie. Nice sig.

Kind of neat. Here are some Bill Renna stats from Baseball-Reference. Not an outstanding player but frankly, even remotely vintage is a plus. Also, that face is full of hope.


bozemanbreaker said...

Nice auto pull. I've bought two of the guaranteed auto repacks before and they were major duds.

beardy said...

wow, not a bad pull from a repack!

i've had the same thing happen to me at target...several times. i've never actually managed to catch the searchers/rippers in the act though. my guess is that i just don't get up early enough to get the worm.

dayf said...

Bill renna auto out of a repack? Awesome!

In my greatly reduced pack buying this year, I've managed to get two heritage packs that had been partially opened so someone could have a peek. One of them was easily the worst pack of Heritage I've gotten, the other one was rather good. I'm not sure there is any rhyme or reason for the crazy stuff people do to packs around here.

night owl said...

Ah, geez, now I've got to pick up a Fairfield repack. It's about the only thing in the card aisle that I've had success avoiding.

AdamE said...

Awesome pull. I have not been lucky enough to get any kind of auto out of Heritage and you guys pull a Red Sox card. Some people have all the luck.

Anonymous said...

I went to Kmart today to try to cash in on some of those 2008 50% off boxes they had on sale. They had only one box of baseball and all the rest was hockey. So baseball it is and it was a 2008 SP Authentic retail box for 10.99. I rushed out to the car and start tearing open the box. I let the packs fall into my hand and i realize that the top pack is open. I keep looking deeper and see that all the packs are open. Was there SP authentic in those packs. NOPE 7packs of beautiful 1990 score. I was enraged. I went in to kmart with my reciept and told them that somebody was a bad person. They gave me my money back. NO more retail boxes for me.