Paint it black: accepting the inevitable.

Now that we think about it,
we really rather like the Topps black cards.

The plain vanilla, black, and throwback cards look perfect in the three-across binder pages.

Now we want to collect all the Mets black cards.

Topps got this concept right.

2009 base Topps is one of their better recent efforts.

And they look best together. Neither looks as good alone.

Good marketing ploy.

This is what we've got. Has your opinion changed about these? At first we thought, hm, dunno. But now we're more accepting. Funny how that happens.


AdamE said...

I like them. They are like non-parallel parallels. Does that make sense?

Slette said...

Seeing the cards lined up like that reminded me of a request I was going to submit to you - I'm sure the collection is large, but I'd be interested in seeing your David Wright/Barry Zito/Jamie Moyer collections scanned for a post - just page after page. I'm curious to see what you all have amassed.

FanOfReds said...

That's genius putting all three versions of each card in its own row. I've been wondering how to best "sleeve" my three versions of the base set...I think I'll do that!

Covered in Wrappers said...

I have organized my Pujols cards in the same fashion including the gold parallels, of which I am still missing one.

I like the "other" base sets of this years Topps better than the actual base set. The black is just a cooler version, and the retro is cool because it's retro and anything retro is almost always better. (I think that was a run on sentence.)

madding said...

I like the black cards only in that I can't get them around here. There are only two Wal-Marts in my area and both of them are and always have been extremely lacking in cards. Not that I mind too much, since I don't like giving Wal-Mart my money anyway. I have yet to see a Wal-Mart black card in person, so they remain elusive and sought after I suppose.