Sweet Serendipity, thy name is Strawberry.

It's been a crazy weekend but we wanted to post and remind you, the formidable blog people, that we exist. We begin with some items from the mighty Motherscratcher, who sent us some packs we had fun opening recently--they made us very happy. We thought we were up to snuff on Players Talking on Phones, often a subset of old technology, but we'd never seen this here Ron Karkovice blabbercard:Yes, Mr. Scratcher sent cards especially related to our categories along with those packs. This card is excellent in part because of the endless complexities involved with Mr. K's left arm, from wrist tape on substantial arm hair, to gloves, to styrofoam and beyond. Whereas below we see young, freshfaced Bernie Williams scrinching thick eyebrows around a gigantic eyepiece, hindered by neither the sunglasses perched on his cap brim nor the little cartoon trying to tickle him. How does that eyepiece lead to the viewer? Seems kind of roundabout:
If this isn't old enough technology, then check out the non-baseball meaning of 'slide': In addition to cards such as the above, we received this:Yes. A Micah auto. With his signature Biblical inscription, Phillippians 4:13, "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." That is also what Tim Tebow wears on his cheeksinstead of eyeblack, but that's quite another post. For instance, it would be a post if we ever had a lucid thought about football players. Back to Micah:
It's always great when the photo on the back is different than the photo on the front of the baseball card. And what's better than this earnest expression?:Also, do you remember that assortment of packs we showed you above? We'll wait while you scroll back to remind yourself. Ok. Are you ready? Lucy found this Darryl Strawberry card in one of the O Pee Chee packs! A Darryl card she didn't have. Thank you, Motherscratcher, for the wonderful fun this package proved to be. Really great! If that wasn't enough, last week we also received something from zman. Lucy displays it, actual size:One of our baseball cards escaped and looked up at its awesomeness:

The amount of time, and, eventually, dynamite that it took to remove the item from its container was daunting.
Can you guess what was inside?


zman40 said...

Sorry you had to waste the dynamite because of me. I'll make it up to you.

Also, it looks like I got dropped off of the blogroll. But, I am already being directed to dingedcorners.net, so at least that is working.

DC said...

No problem about the dynamite. We're very Warner Bros. around here. I hope you meant dingedcorners dot COM? PS You are back on the rolls.

zman40 said...

i don't know where the net came from. It must have been from the 11 hour drive yesterday.

Bo said...

Don't know if you're still checking out my blog but Rob Murphy talks about the laptop card that used to be on your site!