TTM works well when it works.

So I completely at random (except for Mr. Strawberry) grabbed a few of Lucy's signed baseball cards out of the shoebox in which they are stored.Why did I do this?
We received a few crestfallen emails from people who are worried about starting TTM after our grumpy post (below) concerning Troy Tulowitzki and the "are you kiddin' me"-inducing Rockies approach to signing through the mail. Don't be bummed. Just do a little research to find out who you should Not Bother about. We sent that Troy card in the deeeeeep dark recesses of the past, almost a year and a half ago. (Timely return, eh?) Now we'd know better.

And of course we talk tough, but we go in little spurts of having the time and wherewithal to send out letters. That is, now and then.

We haven't sent any for a while so we're in a dry spell.

But when we DO have the time and energy, it's fun. Kids get engaged in the process. Lucy likes the letter writing almost as much as the returns.
It's just something to do together.
It's not as good as taking walks, gardening, playing with the dogs, working on jigsaw puzzles,gardening, writing your own cartoons,
writing in a journal,
sketching, sewing,
practicing the guitar, learning a new song,
or helping to cook,
but it's better than watching TV
or endlessly playing video games
and all that.
You can practice being polite when you write letters
and often the players
are polite right back.


kris said...

That Olerud Card brings back some awesome memories. When I was a wee lil' chap, and the Blue Jays still had Olerud and Pat Borders, Chef Boyardee held a ballin ass contest.

Which kid could hit the ball furthest out of the infield at the real SKYDOME! I'm a slight man, and was even SLIGHTER as a 10 year old but I could smash kill the ball.

Unfortunately, it wasn't actually who could hit the ball furthest -- it was who got the largest cheer.

Some fat kid won.

At the end, we got to talk to John Olerud and Pat Borders as they signed a couple cards.

Oh Memories.

night owl said...

I love how Jake Westerbrook signed his FULL name. I see very few players with long last names do that.