1972 Topps, new batch, one-word assessments.

Ok, one word after we remark upon Boots Day. First of all, is there a baseball player in recorded history who has a better name? We doubt it. Secondly, look at that crowd behind him, including the one gentleman apparently sprawled on the ground. Thirdly, Expos Hat. Fourthly, an optical illusion depicting the Gargantuan Bat That Ate Montreal. All right, now we shall become succinct. Although we would like to ask, what material comprised the old Mets' blue shirts? For unlike the soft cotton of the Expos' shirts, above, the Mets, below, looked like they were wearing tablecloths. Ok...eyebrows!:Edsmile:





We're going to fill a binder with the proper number of pages for the astonishing 787 cards that made up this set. 787! The high numbers series begins at #657. Apparently, except for the In Action cards, every single shot in 1972 Topps is POSED with absolutely no photographic regard to background. There's never been a more fantastic set, and we look forward to filling that binder even if it takes forever. Oh, and finding these centered well is a rarity indeed, or at least thus far it seems that way.


Drew said...

some funny stuff in there! good luck with the collection!

capewood said...

Tug McGraw. Hated him as a Met, loved him as a Phillie. I'm gonna have to dig up the photo I took many years ago of a tug boat whose name was McGraw. I kid you not.

jacobmrley said...

Boots Day, meet Coco Laboy and Razor Shines.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Awesome! That Kranepool card is a classic!

Tom said...

Good luck! The '72 set is one of my faves...very nostalgic.