Guess who. Or, it takes a village to make a post.

Do you know who this is? Hint: Bailey of The Nennth Inning took the picture:

The high stockings. The Zoolander meander.

Yes, it's Barry Zito! And guess what. Bailey had his picture taken with Barry--but because Bailey is currently traveling incognito, we asked Matt of Heartbreaking Cards to Photoshop Bailey's image out of the picture. While he was at it, Matt added in a visiting dignitary:

This photograph is my version of Lucy's dream David Wright/shiny/auto/multicolored jersey/holding a puppy card! This is it--Mr. Met and Zeet. This photo needs to become a card! Because all the cool kids are doing it: Thank you, Bailey! You were kind to think of us. Thank you, Matt, for your time and for Mr. Met.


mikepelfreyshouse said...

Pelf is real fan friendly and Im goin to the game on tuesday, i gotta try to get a pic with him

MattR said...

It's refreshing to see a ballplayer wearing his pants and stirrups right :)

beardy said...

Looks like Mr. Met was a victim of the head-shrinkers.

dc said...

Indeed. I'm not sure if he is more disturbing with a large noggin or a small one.