Here come the Seattle Mariners baseball cards.

There isn't much on television for kids these days that's not vulgar, loud, stupid and loaded with awful commercials, so we often turn to classic TV DVDs. One of the current family favorites is Here Come the Brides, a late sixties show about three brothers who run a logging camp in Seattle. One of Lucy's current favorite songs is the theme song to that show, and she decided to illustrate it with baseball cards and fan pack pictures for you. Here we go!


The bluest skies you've ever seen in Seattle

And the hills the greenest green in Seattle

Like a beautiful child growing up

free and wild

Full of hopes

full of fears

Full of laughter

full of tears

Full of dreams to last the years

in Seattle!

The end!


mikepelfreyshouse said...

Nice post! I got that fanpack too!

The Mojo Hand said...

Very Very cool.