Hold tight! Bat turn!

Next up, the spectacular poster of you know who for Lucy's room from zman40. But now we pause to post about an intriguing package from Rod at Padrographs. This is the same gentleman who a while ago sent us a Japanese stadium souvenir baseball that our older daughter absconded with instantaneously. This time, as we looked at the contents of the box, which rattled pleasingly, our post theme emerged with no effort. (A self-imposed challenge when we receive a package is to identify its main potential post theme.) You see? In this case, no problem. Actual mini-bats AND a baseball card depiction of a giganto bat. Thus, the theme....

BATMAN! And Rod even threw in a scary villain!:

Thus, start hummin'!

Dadadadadahdadadadadadahdadadadada BATMAN


dadadadadadadada BATMAN!

If you just need a reminder of the Neal Hefti theme song for Batman, click here (it's a safe site).

Thank you, Padrographs!


The Mojo Hand said...

Got your package together I will send it out tomorrow. I hope you and Lucy have a great time with it.

The Mojo Hand

night owl said...

I was too young to watch the Batman TV show when it originally aired, but my brother, my friend and I used to watch it regularly at 4:30 in the afternoon when it was in syndication.

Our favorite episode was when Batman survived Mr. Freeze's deep freeze by secretly wearing super long thermal underwear "for extreme cold."

This had us laughing for days.

--David said...

Hey! I had thermal Batman underwear as a kid BECAUSE of that episode! One can never be too careful, you know...