"Look for these special cards."

1972 Topps, that is. We have added a few more to the teeny but growing collection. The In Action cards in this set are pretty great. Here is little Bud:

And Felipe Alou in pinstripes, plus the glare:


Mike Jorgensen (one of the greatest things about '72 is that, except for In Action, mainly it's all about quirky Inaction):

Very silly poses. You can imagine the photographer saying, "Ok, look as earnest as possible!"

Buzz, Leroy, and....Jon Matlack!

The Mets team card is fantastic. It's so old-time good-time Metty.

Rico Petrocelli is a TOUGH sounding name. I can imagine his mama in my old NYC neighborhood breaking up a stickball game by yelling out the window, "RICO! Come up ta dinnah!"

Another great 1972 Topps looking-up-the-nostrils shot. Ron Swoboda was on the Mets from 1965-1970, and he helped win the '69 World Series. It is especially heartbreaking to see him in a Yankee uniform. My Polish mother always pronounced his name properly, kind of like: sva-bo-dah. In the series, Rocky (known for his rocky fielding) made a spectacular rally-snuffing catch of a ball hit by the Baltimore Orioles' Brooks Robinson in the 9th inning of Game Four. The tying run scored on the play, but Mr. Swoboda's catch kept the Orioles from having a big inning and allowed the Mets to rally late and win the pivotal game. (The Mets upset the Orioles in five games.) It would be great if this were the 1972 In Action card for him.

We end with Bobby Valentine, also not in Mets uniform, but Lucy likes this name for the same reason that she likes Matt Holliday and especially Darryl Strawberry. This is another great heavily posed inaction shot. 1972 Topps baseball cards remain tops with us.


MetsManiacinNH said...

I met Rico three years ago at a NH Fisher Cats game. He was signing his book about the '67 Sox. One of the nicest guys you could meet. He was working the crowd and generally just having a grand old time. And even though he's a Boston legend, he's also still a New Yawker at heart.

Ben said...

There's more than a few up the nose shots in '72 Topps. Not sure what they were going for with those...

Spiff said...

You got Jon Matlack!!! Way to go. One of the best cards in the set is now in the basket.