Miscellany: autos, ZE, OPC, logos.

The cards above were included in the pack o' treasures that dayf sent us. They raise this question: when you seek an autograph from a baseball player, how often is the player closed off and grim vs. pleasant and interactive? Above, we have the Henry vs. Gardenhire approach. Here we have the middle way Butler (above) vs. the enthusiastic Fidrych (below) approaches:
How does the signing experience usually happen for you? We tend toward the positive, but then again we rarely seek autographs in person, and when we do, the players are disarmed by our ridiculously cute and earnest kids, so we do not have realistic bearings.

Here's a pleasant signer, according to Bailey. Barry was also included in the packet of cards dayf sent. By default, a numbered card is an excellent example of the Zito Effect (when you collect a player and have MANY cards of that player, yet rarely get doubles). The base version is gray, no gold around the name, no gold stamp. And of course no number, my friends; no number.

This brings us to an actual pack from the packet. An OH PEACHY pack. Every one of these seven cards has a smiler on the back. Must be the Canadian connection. The '91 set consisted of 132 baseball cards; Roberto Alomar was number 1 and Robin Yount number 131, with the checklist taking the last spot.
We are apparently the only people on earth who continue to be deeply troubled by that Indians logo. Maybe because we live in the Southwest, among actual Indians, and so the demeaning aspect of the picture is what we see first. On a more positive note, what is your favorite logo? We like the Brewers, second only to the Mets. Thank you, dayf!


Matt F. said...

Just wanted to say that I love the redesign and you aren't alone on Chief Wahoo.

mmosley said...

I'm with you about the Indians logo. I liked it when I was a kid but I didn't know any better.

I am pretty sure a fan came up with the mb = glove logo in a contest. Brilliant!

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Brian Stokes is awesome in person!

PunkRockPaint said...

Brewers logo is the best. No doubt.