More results are in: multi-player cards.

Responses to this question were excellent--don't you love when you are shown cards you'd never seen before? If there are more, we're happy to add more. We'll do another post including the two-player combos that were also suggested.

From Cliff, who from all indications is pretty mild-mannered, we have a shocking horror-movie baseball card. The darkened background, the deadeye expressions, the bat-wielding...wait those aren't baseball bats! They're.......AAAAUGGH......

Matthew Glidden and Steve both mentioned this very sharp 1968 Topps #490 "Superstars":
A helpful juxtaposition from Thoughts and Sox--2008 and 1959:In one of those "We can't believe we didn't notice that before" moments, the mighty dayf pointed out that Mr. Maddux is Photoshopped into the picture in this 1993 UD:

Wise Mr. GCA cited this Topps 1967 #1 "The Champs":

The designer's eye, punkrockpaint, likes this 1963 Topps #18 (we like how they packed in FOUR players but the card is vertical):

These are wonderful! Thank you, baseball card people.

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