1972 Topps: fab faux. And fab fuzzy.

A mysterious stranger emailed to let us know about this 1972 Topps blog. Since we are complete saps when it comes to 1972 Topps, we rushed right over there. Our first thought was, "huh, Joe Torre even looked old in 1972." But then the "hosted by SportsCollectors.Net" credit line made the site a little less mysterious. Nevertheless, we are very happy whenever there is 1972 Topps action, even if it's Faux Retro Action. One of the Greatness Factors of Topps 1972 occurred to us when we peered at this Joe Torre and several other cards that are on the nifty site. Wait for it...wait for it. Topps 1972 Greatness Factor #23 is: WTH picturification in '72 is defined not only by the unhinged expressions, dirtsmoke, awkward-pose-in-foreground/odd-person-in-background formulation, but the fuzziness. The photography that is several steps below crisp:
Oh sure, with this one you're as distracted as we are by the approaching Attack of the Folding Chairs. You act tough, but deep down you are soft-hearted and feel some concern for Mr. Theobald.

And wouldn't sharp, modern, perfect photography detract from this classic halo card, which we picked up along with the others at Derek's Dugout in Albuquerque? (Derek is one of those super nice baseball card world guys.) So, even though the 1972 Topps Redux blog inspires wild hopes in us, we can't get too worked up, because there will never, ever be anything that equals the pre-Snark, pre-Too Many People, pre-Too Much Money Era sweetness of the original.


RWH said...

That Billy Cowan card is easily one of my favorite cards ever.

MMayes said...

Now if they put the sideburns back on Joe Torre for his Dodgers card.......(see Torre's 1972 card...cool mutton chops)

Perhaps showed Clay Zavada's facial hair?

Carl Crawford Cards said...

You nailed it with the fuzziness factor. Definitely gives the cards a unique feel.

The Rich Chile might take first for most awkward pose ever, which makes it really cool.

GOGOSOX60 said...

Wow that's a high numbered Torre card!

MattR said...

Mr. Theobald can probably take care of himself with that bat. The folding chairs wouldn't stand a chance. :)