1972 Topps: we renew our vows.

After a busy and tiring week, we thought we were going to lay low today, but our older daughter realllllly wanted to visited the Ta Lin Market in Albuquerque so she could look for cool obscure Japanese tchotchkes. When we decided to take the drive, it was announced...NOT BY ME FOR I AM A SELFLESS PARENT...that we'd also stop at Derek's Dugout, our only in-driving-distance card shop. Strangely enough, before getting on the interstate to head for the Duke City, we stopped by our PO box to check mail and guess what was in there? Come on people! HINT: fate!

Oh shucks. All right, we'll tell.

The well-wrought (despite the blogger's inexplicable fondness for the Boston Red Sox even when they are not opposing the Yankees) Section 36 blog

sent us this card, #100,

Frank Robinson.

See? Number one hunnert.

It's in really pretty, non-dingy shape, not that Dinged Corners has anything whatsoever against dinged corners. Thank you very much, Section 36, for this unexpected surprise. Next up, we'll show some of the cards--many more from this set!--that we found today in the faraway land of Albuquerque.

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MattR said...

That's a nice one to get in the mail! Frank Robinson is underrated.