1972 Topps: what really happened, volume 1.

Buddy's baby blues go well with his Mets uniform and he is not in any way shaken by the fact that he can't extract the bat from whatever it's stuck in. It's just a bat, there are plenty more where that came from, and it could be worse. He could be that figure over his left shoulder who is wandering around in the dirt wearing a mink stole. And Duffy is smiling bravely even though the photographer, a Jimmy Olsen type, had the bright idea of driving them all the way out to Uncle Leon's house in Hicksville so they could pose in that empty field. Still, everything is groovy because not only is it time to be immortalized on a baseball card, but it's the seventies, man. Solid.

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night owl said...

There seemed to be a lot more open fields in the '70s. No Applebees back then, I guess.