Allen and Ginter baseball card autographs through the mail.

Subway Series: well, at least we didn't lose by 15 this time! How's that for chirpy?We've reached the stage in the season where we focus only on the Mets who make us happy. Brian Schneider, catcher for the team, #23, is among those who make us happy, and serendipitously enough, we received this card in the mail from him today. He looks dignified and ready to hit. He looks focused. He looks square of jaw. Have you ever read pitcher Chris Young's blog about playing in Japan in 2006? Brian Schneider makes quite a few appearances there. Here's one:That's Mr. Schneider on the left. Does he resemble his A&G portrait? Does Mr. Young? We know pitchers tend to be tall, but didn't realize Chris Young was quite that tall. Why, Topps can probably make 1,000 GU cards from one of his jerseys.

Oy. Putz.

The fundamental flaw in our Allen & Ginter project--which is to get cards of players we like signed TTM--is that we rarely get around to actually sending the cards out. The mailing process is our Achilles heel. Which makes it quite difficult to receive them back. At the current rate of speed we ought to have the ones we want from this set mailed by roughly 2013. If we survive the Mayan calendar, that is. But what's the hurry?
Thick and thin.

Here again is the Kerri Strug card...Lucy bravely masked, but mom detected, a tiny bit of disappointment that Ms. Strug, the great gymnast, in a terribly misguided, distracted, overwrought moment, signed it to me.

These two cards are from 2007 A&G; they're among the first we sent through the mail. The cards (and letter) we received from Mr. Miles remain in Lucy's top five favorite baseball doodads ever:

This is from Pat Neshek's March 30 entry on his website (a fan of his who is a major autograph hound amassed these A&G cards through the mail for Mr. Neshek):
The Allen & Ginter cards carry a signature well. But they don't sign themselves, so we'll have to try harder to launch them.


Fuji said...

this is a cool collection of autos... great choice of design... on card... doesn't get better than this. personally, my favorite is your chris young... go padres!

night owl said...

I'm finding, in my very limited TTM attempts, that actually putting them in the mail is indeed the most difficult part.

Many kudos to those who get entire sets signed (or most of them anyway). That takes dedication I'll never have.

Anonymous said...

hi, im a fan of your guys' work. im at the point where i cant afford cards anymore, but would like to be closer to the game. how do you get the addresses to get these signed? would you mentor me in this? thanks,


dc said...

Jesse, The best address source we've found is through Harvey Meiselman--these are the most current sports addresses, and he frequently updates through email. His website is http://www.sportsaddresslists.com/

If you don't collect current cards, that list would still be a good source for you as it provides contact information for retired players. Best of luck.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Nice! Good to see Schneider signed for you guys as well! I sent him an allen and ginter mini that he didnt sign. But im happy with my 08 Heritage!

dc said...

fuji, we like the chris card too!
pelf, we looked at your brian heritage card, it's great.