Big fans of unequivocal language on baseball cards.

We received a fantastic email from Section 36 saying he had a slightly damaged 2007 Topps U&H All-Star Game stitches card of David Wright with a piece of event jersey in it. It has some creases on the front, and Section 36 unequivocally said he has no use for this card because it is creased. Did we want it? Unequivocal yes! Just to be clear, we are not only Dinged Corners, but also Smooshed Sides, Creased Middles, and Misprinted Fronts and Backs. The only thing we are not is Ball Point Pen Scribbles and Unidentifiable non-Bubblegum Stains.
Revel please in the no-holds-barred promise on the back of this card, which separates it mightily from the usual "we don't claim this bit came from any specific game, player, stadium, region of Earth or moment in time." For this, my friends, is an "Authentic event-worn piece of his 2007 MLB All-Star Festivities jersey."
We also received these cards of Nolan Ryan MET and Tom Seaver, who in that shot more closely resembles Ralph Kramden than Tom Terrific.

And numerous cards of people you don't think of as Mets: Jeff Kent, Orel Hershiser, Roberto Alomar and the like. Unequivocal thanks to Section 36.

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dayf said...

No ball point pen scribbles? Wow, you're needlessly limiting your collection there. Some of my best cards have half the contents of a Bic on them.

Also: note on the front of the Wright card that this is a jersey patch. If you find a card with an actual patch on it it will say it is a piece of an All-Star jersey. So you got creased AND misprinted!

Section 36 said...

One of my favorite cards is a Pedro Martinez card with a bat piece in it. The back of the card clearly states that this bat was used by Pedro during a game in the 2000 season. Can't be more clear than that right? Problem is...Pedro didn't bat during the 2000 season.