Bowman Heritage 2007 and the Ultimate Zito Effect.

Remember when Bailey met Barry Zito and sent us this great photo, which in turn the ever-patient and kind Heartbreaking Photoshopped for us by preserving Bailey's anonymity with help from Mr. Met?: Well, Bailey had mentioned that at the time that photo was taken, he also asked The Zito to sign a card for us. It was a 2007 Bowman Heritage card we had sent to Bailey quite a while ago for this very eventuality. Somehow, Bailey managed not only to keep track of the card but to hand it to The Zito, with this being the result:
When Bailey informed us he was sending this in the mail, we didn't want to act too crazed with joy, just in case something happened, like, for instance, the card got lost in its challenging way to us through the New Mexico postal system. Or maybe it would be misdelivered to Mexico. Or maybe it would spontaneously combust, or whatever. But it didn't! The card made it to us and is now the number one representative of The Zito Effect in our collection! It's a 1/1, baby! Bailey, who has unfortunately for the blogging community apparently joined Fielder's Choice in early retirement,

also sent this beautiful jersey card, which fuels our hope that perhaps someday we will be able to sew together a whole bunch of these and form our very own full sized Barry Zito jersey. Yes, we are just kidding. Please, no alarmed letters or emails about our mental health.

Bailey also, believe it or not, sent along a couple of other BarryZ cards, including the above eTopps. He sent it WITHOUT the annoying plastic encasement, and it turns out that when you hold an eTopps card in your actual mitts, it is very, very pleasing. Unfortunately, the intense rainbow shininess doesn't come through in the scan. One of the reasons Lucy and I enjoy blogging so much is experiences like this secondhand meeting of Mr. Zito through Bailey. Also neat is the introduction into our collecting zest the Antiques Roadshow/museum curator element of "provenance," from the French provenir, "to come from,' referring to the origin of history of ownership of an item. Now in addition to having a unique Barry Zito card, we also have a story. Thank you Bailey, for your thoughtfulness and generosity. We hope that you return to blogging.

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mikepelfreyshouse said...

I loved Baileys blog. I have also traded with him before! Great guy in the blogging community! Glad you guys got zits auto!