A dignified Sunday post about baseball cards.

We received a generous batch of cards from gcrl that manages to touch on most of our collecting categories, and shows special deftness in regard to our more obscure areas of cardularity. For example, above, dignified shots of Misters Tekulve and Drabek. Here's another odd one:
Looks innocent enough, but it's.....ginormous. That jersey swatch could easily be used as a tablecloth. We'd do a scale comparison for you, except the scale we'd have to use is Parsippany, New Jersey, which we cannot fit into our scanner.

Here's a partial checklist for OVERSIZED and MASTERPIECE EDITION OVERSIZED and GOLD EDITION AUTORAPH SWEETLY SWATCHED HUMONGOSIZED cards in this ilk. Do you see the Chipper Jones potentiality, mr. dayf? You could fashion Chipper Jones drapes from these swatches!

These 2003 Topps T206 -style cards are pleasing. That's an exceptional portrait of Jamie "Keeps on Tickin'" Moyer.

A couple more Moyers we didn't have:

Do you like Fleer Tradition?
The Mets need to issue one of these gloves to Luis Castillo.

This card wins the 2009 Dinged Corners Ouchie Award for "Most Inappropriately Placed Flagpole."
Here's a card to relieve the horror of the last shot. A great smile card of Maryvn Benard. Wait. Maryvn? Hold the phone! An old-technology card we didn't have! Sweeet!

Also, Strawberrys (Strawberries?) that are new to Lucy. And numerous examples of the neverending Zito effect! Here are a couple:
I have to admit we've taken a shine to these Upper Deck retro-ized cards, since the design they're pinching is 1971 Topps:And Micah cards we didn't have! Tough to do:

Oh! And there was also a mini-Mike Piazza bobblehead in the package! He's unscannable but widely adored. A thousand thanks for this memorable lot, Jim.

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mikepelfreyshouse said...

HAHAHA That bit about The glove and Castillo was GREAT!!

Joe S. said...

I love old technology cards. I'm sure you already have the 92 Upper Deck Ben McDonald, where he's signing an autograph with a microphone being held to his mouth... with a wire coming out of it!!

If for some odd reason you don't have it let me know and I'll send it your way!