Good baseball cards.

NB: We're avoiding superlatives today. It's just a thing. This 2007 Upper Deck series 2 is a good David Wright baseball card because it tells a story, and the story is: congratulations David, you always hustle, and you're gracious, and we like you. It's not your fault how lousy the Mets are doing this season. That's a muuuccccchhh bigger issue.Now for some good Grandersons:You are a good player, and an earnest one to boot. We like you, Mr. Granderson. Mr. Slette sent us these good cards for no good reason, which is the best possible way to receive baseball cards. At least for us. Fortunately, we've been able to put some good cards aside for Mr. Slette so at least we didn't break into a cold sweat when we received his envelope. Look at the back of the Granderson card on the left: Super rare! Emerald! We're not sure EXACTLY what that means, but we tell you this: it sounds good.

We realized today, because we apparently are not self-aware enough to have realized this a long time ago, that we favor pitchers. Barry. Tom. John. Mike. Jeff. Micah. Jamie. What does that mean? Lucy loves David Wright, and so we ride her coattails on that one non-pitcher. But when it's just me, the card love seems mainly to be for pitchers. Good pitchers.
By the way, we like the back of that good Zito Topps Heritage card because it reminds us, despite recent slumpishness, that Mr. Zito is good. And cartoons, as you know, are good.

Isn't this Micah a good modern baseball card? Total goodness. The pose. The serene expression. The shiny. The number on the back. The rookie cardness. Our only quibble is that perhaps does not rise to the level of a good Micah signature. We have many autographs of Mr. Owings (you can see one if you scroll down the right hand side of the blog), and we wonder what was going on during that particular John Hancock moment--was Micah being defiant to the king? Was he receiving an electric shock? Did he get a fright? Was he signing a contract with Topps to sign 5,000 stickers and he tried to make his signature unreadable in case he changed his mind but then Topps xeroxed the signature and used it on this otherwise good card? Anyway, it's all right, because the card is so Good that even a Bad signature is all right. The overall card goodness is not nullified.

We hope that this post is good, but if not, please click here to submit your statement that, going forward, you demand good, gooder, or goodest, and nothing else will do.

Seriously, Eric, many thanks.


mmosley said...

Care to share "the thing" about not using superlatives today. My interest is piqued.

Slette said...

The pleasure was mine.

Joe S. said...

I love it! Growing up my cards ended up in one of two categories: good cards, and everything else.

Love the Super Rare card, that sounds like a good one.

dayf said...


Oh, ahem. I mean that was good. Just good.

(Exclamation points aren't superlatives!)


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