Lineup for Yesterday by Ogden Nash.

A is for Alex, The great Alexander*;/More Goose eggs he pitched/Than a popular gander.

B is for Bresnahan**/Back of the plate;/The Cubs were his love,/and McGraw his hate.

C is for Cobb***,/Who grew spikes and not corn,/And made all the basemen/Wish they weren't born.
D is for Dean,/The grammatical Diz,/When they asked, Who's the tops?/Said correctly, I is.
*Ronald Reagan played Alexander in the 1952 movie The Winning Team. **Bresnahan was elected into the Hall in 1945, but Bill James says that was an honor he did not deserve. ***Unrepentant meanie Ty Cobb became the first professional athlete to appear in a movie when he starred in Somewhere in Georgia in 1917. ****Paul and Dizzy Dean are the only brothers to combine for 40 wins as teammates in a single season. In 1934, Dizzy won 30 and Paul "Daffy" Dean won 19 for the World Champion Cardinals.

These are the first four players mentioned in Lineup For Yesterday by Ogden Nash, 1949. The rest are to come.


MDA said...

Ogden Nash is such a bash!

Ben said...

When I was a senior in college, I had what could best be described as a independant study writing siminar class. The end result was to put together a 250+ page portfolio of various things.

One of the assigned topics was to research a piece of "Americana" and I thought what's more American than baseball.

So I took each stanza and did extensive research on each player mentioned in the poem.

It was exhaustive work, but a lot of fun.

Jim said...

Cool! Looking forward to this . . .