Manny the Isotope--best baseball headline:

"Manny Ramirez bats in Albuquerque - earth remains on axis"

Manny Ramirez had to wait out two singles and three outs by the Nashville Sounds -- none hit to him in left field -- but the time for his first at-bat finally arrived in the bottom of the first.
Nashville pitcher Manny Parra started him with a called strike, then a fastball low. Another fastball found the outside corner for strike two. The next pitch went in the dirt to even the count. I'm beside myself with calm. Ramirez took his first rip at the 2-2 pitch and fouled it. And then, Manny foul-tipped a ball into catcher Angel Salome's glove for strike three. So, there it is. Six pitches, two swings, one small step on the road back to normalcy.

headline and story from the LA Times

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