The Mets make a Top Ten list!

In Jon Heyman's Daily Scoop on SI.Com, guess who comes in as the second worst free agent this year, second only after Milton Bradley?

Oliver Perez!

That's right, Oliver Perez, Mets starter. "If Mets fans look at that 9.97 ERA, their reaction would be: he's pitched that well? He's also being hit at a .315 clip. Omar Minaya liked the fact that he's young, lefthanded and talented. He's also a bit of a head case with a knee problem."

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

My first impulse is to jump on here and go offer about how Heyman is just picking on Perez, that Perez has shown flashes of utter brilliance at times, that he's worth a roll of the dice...and then I saw that Omar threw $12 million at him. Wow. Makes the Bobby Bonilla signing look solid by comparison (sorry to pile on, Ollie!)