A potential supercollector joins the ranks: catching Zack Greinke.

In a post titled Wanted: Trading Partners, Drew over at catchingzack.com says something along the lines of: he'll part with anything he pulls out of a box or pack that you might be interested in, if only you will keep him in mind for Zack Greinke cards. In case you missed the import of that statement, on his site he puts it this way: "So if you need/want any card that you see pulled out of a pack on this blog, post in the comments section. I’ll be more than happy to send it out on my dime. All I ask is that you think of me whenever you get a Zack card." Then came to us A Real Life Example of How Serious He Is About This. Here is the note he sent:
The note is a good example of Drew's laserlike focus. First, a revealing and possibly newsworthy statement: two pulls of the same player out of one box. These are the two cards to which he refers:

Pulling two cards such cards of the same player from one box? That would be wonderful if you happen to collect the player (what are the odds??) and frustrating if you don't.

Second, Drew states that he collects Royals and has "no use for" Tigers cards, thus revealing a stern but sensible stance: he doesn't want to accumulate extraneous cardboard. Keep it simple: Royals. Greinke. As if you would be doing him a favor if he can unload pesky great cards on you. The only catch (perhaps another meaning behind his blog title, along with the allusion to the fact that ZG is a pitcher) is that you keep him in mind for anything cool and Zackian that you come across.

Drew sent us those great cards because he knows we love Curtis. Soon he'll figure out that there are others in blogville who share this fascination, but for now we lucked out.

This is also an excellent way to get our attention, because you can be sure we are now and always officially motivated to be on serious Zack Patrol. But anyway, you might want to take a look at Drew's blog, which has a clever but lighthearted tone balanced deftly with the fact that he means business. Drew seeks Zack Greinke cards. (Here is a link to his thus-far collection.) He is on the road to being a supercollector, and we hope the cardboard world steps up to the plate. Or in this case, the mound. Thank you, Drew, for your insane generosity. Sorry Zack didn't have a great day today.

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night owl said...

I, too, am on Zach Patrol. Although Drew only graced me with a Marlon Byrd base card, not a Granderson double whammy. (double whammy in a GOOD way).

Nice stuff.