Topps and UD 2009 Series 2 pack breaks.

B.J. is doing the ha-cha-cha.Yes, we updated this post to add the UD 2 pack also. One problem with the '09 UD design, besides the blocky front, is that the photos on the back are exact replicas of the ones on the front. Do. Not. Get. This. Below is a Braves checklist. You know why we know it's a Braves checklist, besides the logo and the fact that it says Braves? Because Chipper Jones is on the list, and we read Cardboard Junkie every day. That's why.
Gregor Blanco sounds like someone who should be a character in a Kafka novel.

Which is the best pitcher gear photo? "Give us Barajas!"

Due to the extra feet and superimposition of the phrase 'Award Winner' on a random human being, this card is iffy.

If you got to be onto a baseball card, wouldn't you want to look fit? Mr. Silva does not look fit. He is probably very fit, because he is a Major League pitcher. But he doesn't LOOK fit. I hope this is not a snarky observation. Other cards in the pack:
520 Martin Prado
521 Jorje Campillo
618 Joe Smith
622 Clint Barmes
634 Justin Verlander
673 Joakim Soria
684 Kyle Davies
692 Vladimir Guerrero
875 Josh Kinney
922 Alex Rios
979 Rick Ankiel
list typed by Lucy! Lucy is the list-typer!
Topps packs with a relic card contain 10 cards, eh? We'll have to take Topps' word for it, because at our Target, packs are always thoroughly pre-searched.

Dunn & Laroche sounds like a law firm. A right-leaning one.

Nicely composed shot, and those are some rockin' sneaks. Incomprehensible back of the card text: "Michael is the only player in MLB All-Star Game history with two game-winning RBI in the ninth inning or later; a two-run triple in 2006 and a walk-off sac fly last year." We'll put this aside for Spiff.

Does anyone enjoy collecting baseball cards of overweight managers? Especially fired managers blowing bubbles?

The talking-into-the-mitt-because-we're-baseball-spies element is mitigated by the fact that there's lots of baby blue happening on this card. Also in the pack:

TR 67 Dan Uggla
TTT40 Nate McLouth
449 Mike Fontenot
487 Travis Hafner <--giant head, tiny helmet edition
583 Brett Anderson
623 Aaron Hill


tastelikedirt said...

For some reason pitchers seem to be able to get away with not being fit.

dayf said...

Gregor Blanco kind of plays like he's in a Kafka novel too.

I'm going to be chanting this whenever I watch Dune now:

I must not list.
Lucy is the list-typer.
Listing is the little-death that brings total obliteration...

No wonder my want lists are in such a shambles.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Dunn And LaRoche does sound like a law firm!

Spiff said...

Yeah, lots of chunky pitchers out there and some of them quite good. David Wells anyone?

Thanks for the shoutout. I have been putting some stuff aside for ya'll as well.

capewood said...

I have the same complaint about the 2009 Upper Deck that you do. Although I have a handful of cards where the back photo is different than the front. That makes no sense.