What do these baseball cards have in common?

A person could do pairs like this all day every day with 1972 Topps cards if a person were so inclined. In this pairing, there are color-coordinated extensions to the player's bods. In the case of Ed, he has a tiny little red-hatted person sticking out of his back. And, um, Dick, actually let's call him Bill, has something grafted onto the back of his neck. It makes sense that there is a psychedelic font and color scheme to the team names in this set, because the photographers for 1972 Topps may have experimented with LSD.


White Sox Cards said...

They both look like they are in the midst of a sneezing fit.

Plus the obvious 1972 Topps with teams starting with the letter R connection. And each first name is one syllable. Ooo!... and red hats. Maybe they want to be part of the Red Hat Society?

Perhaps I've said too much...

Motherscratcher said...

I need to pay more attention to my cards. I never would have noticed these things of which you speak.

Dick...err Bill, needs to get that thing biopsied ASAP. Of course, if that was beack in 1972 the thing has probably played itself out by now. I'm afraid to go to his Baseball Reference page.

Motherscratcher said...

Rest easy. Bill is still among us.

Interestingly (or not) BR lists Ted Kazanski as a similar batter. I wasn't aware that the Unibomber ever played ball.