1972 Topps baseball card trio.

We picked up a few more 1972 Topps cards, so we'll have to update our list on the righthand side of the blog forthwith. (Forthwith is a great word, but impossible to say without sounding like Bullwinkle. Thus, better to use it in writing and hope no one notices.) In addition to the little stack we obtained recently, yesterday GCA sent us these three:
Mr. Clark, an Angel, stares into the distant soaring ranges, unperturbed by whatever it is that's pouring out of his left ear. We're pretty sure 1972T has the highest percentage of closeups depicting players looking up than any other set of cards ever produced. Some in the know refer to 1972 Topps as "the nosehair era." There are several reasons why this card is fantastic, one of which is that it still has remnants of 27-year-old bubblegum powder on its front. In fact, there remains a faint eau de bubblegum about its cardboard. Another is Mr. King's perplexed, or is it distressed expression, perhaps about his logoless red hat? Or maybe he's been told, "Look up," and he simply can't bring himself to do so.

Mr. Dobson (wasn't he a game show producer?) finishes munching on his breakfast, which he is hiding in his glove, which explains why it weighs so much. Behind him, one of the last four remaining fans is sucked down into a dugout vortex.

Thank you, Greg A!

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GCA said...

Glad you liked them!
Keep your list current, 'cause my local shop has tons of '72 commons and they're cheap!