1987 Fleer 638: baseball card from the left side.

Darryl Strawberry is a player who will always be affiliated with one team for us, and that's the Mets. Bad behavior, looping swing, yada yada, all of it. 1984-1990 were his prime years; the years when he was a Met. He had good moments when he Yankeed it up, but that was probably because he was glad to be back in New York; there is no energy comparable to New York energy. And for those of you who care about such things, Mr. Strawberry is a fantastic, thoughtful TTM signer and communicator. We are amazed that we didn't know about a top-notch Darryl blog, Darryl Strawberry Fields Forever, an excellent source of information and card photos and narratives. We are slow but eventually we regain consciousness.

We received a small stack of Darryl cards from Paul of Carl Crawford Cards along with the Zitos he sent us. This Fleer card really caught our eye because we'd never seen it before. There is, however, a bit of an apologist tone to what the Fleer writers say about DS, especially that last sentence. As for DM, there is no apologist tone to the text on this Fleer card. It's said that Kirby Puckett is the person who gave Mr. Mattingly the name "Donnie Baseball." (A great blog for insights about Don Mattingly baseball cards, or for that matter phone cards, is of course the now-retired Fielders Choice).

Whether or not the Hall of Fame is a factor, one thing is for sure. DS and DM have both secured a firm place in American culture.

February 20th, 1992--'Homer at the Bat' featured nine MLB stars on Mister Burns' softball team. The lineup: C Mike Scioscia; 1B Don Mattingly; 2B Steve Sax; 3B Wade Boggs; SS Ozzie Smith; LF Jose Canseco; CF Ken Griffey Jr.; RF Daryl Strawberry; P Roger Clemens.


capewood said...

I always liked Strawberry even when he was a Met (remember I'm a Phillies fan). I've been collecting his cards since I started collecting in 1985. When Mike Schmidt hit his 500th home run he was asked which of the players currently playing was most likely to hit 500. He said Strawberry right off. It wasn't to be. There are a lot of tragic baseball careers and I think Strawberry's is one of the saddest.

Andrew said...

I still like him, and not because I'm a Mets fan. He's seemed to pull things back together, now doing analyst stuff on SNY Mets Pregame. He was fun to watch when I was a kid though.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Sports writing is really strange for those kinds of compliments. I mean Mattingly is only ONE year older than the Straw, and they both pretty much at the same time, so what gives in talking about Darryl's youth and inexperience?

I noticed a similar pattern on early Crawfords with regard to Josh Hamilton. It was always "He might be next to JH," "They will be together," etc., and never "CC is a solid prospect." Very much in Hamilton's shadow.

Glad you liked the cards!