2009 Allen and Ginter not discussed firsthand in this post.

No 2009 you-know-what yet. Remember, we live in the outback, and furthermore, we had to defer ordering a hobby box. We are contemplating just buying a complete set. Is that horrible of us? A set buyer is a lot lower in the Cardworld Hierarchy than a set builder. Actually, we should be ashamed. We'll ponder this when we actually get the cards. Right now, we're going to discuss something else. We hope we've provided enough fair warning.

We received outstanding cards from the music-fueled, roller-derby inspired, and very readable baseball card blog Collective Troll yesterday. Two of the cards are in a collecting subcategory that we didn't even know we subscribed to, but upon reflection, let's face it, we kind of do: baseball card autographs with Bible verse inscriptions. We find them interesting not for the belief factor but for what the Bible verse inscriptions add to the autograph: control. Bible auto guys might think, 'All these people are asking for a little part of me, my signature, well fine, but then they also must accept this other part of me, a Bible verse. I'm calling the shots here.' Ok, as usual, we overanalyze everything. And we're rambling. But we didn't realize that Alvin Davis is one of the players that does inscribes, but here's proof:

We think we know which verse that is but we might be reading it wrong. As for Mr. Ward, he adds Romans 10 something, mostly likely 10:9, "That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Most of the verses chosen proclaim something about being saved--adding the verse adds personal-control narrative. But the best part of this card is the back: The sunglasses AND the maximum bubblocity! Now that's narrative!

We also got a couple of additions for our 1972 Topps collection. We realize that no one cares about stinkin' 1972 Topps, everyone ONLY cares about 2009 Allen & Ginter right now, but we tend to be contrary. According to Mr. Troll, the Carlton card was included in his first post. Our crack team of fact checkers discovered that post right here. It's a great story about getting hooked on card collecting and also reveals that Mr. Troll is on a nickname basis with Mr. Carlton, or 'Lefty.' We are very happy that we get Mr. Carlton and we'll take good care of him. How can anyone not love 1972? how how how? Hmph, so my attempt at distraction failed miserably? Ok, go look at the '09 Allie Gs via the Gint Clearinghouse courtesy Cardboard Junkie. Try to remember to come back here.
A couple of reliable favorites also were included.
And we received this fantastic smiling Topps Heritage Curtis Granderson, which somehow we didn't already have.

Love how the cartoon captures Mr. Granderson so accurately.

And finally, these beautiful cards. Sometimes signed baseball cards and downright ineffable. (Speaking of which, we have been busy registering for classes and dealing with a small construction project and a birthday party too, but we have organized little stacks to send eight people, including Mr. Troll, and we hope to mail 'em out tomorrow.) Thank you, Marck, for sharing this cardboard greatness.


Joe S. said...

I'm not saying I necessarily condone simply buying a complete set of A&G, but I will say that I haven't seen anything so far that'd justify a hobby box purchase. I, for one, am most likely going to stick to just an occasional pack.

MattR said...

Nice 1972 haul.

Billy Suter said...

'72 Topps has to be one of my favorite vintage sets. Also, I knwo what it's like to live in the outback and not the the new sets for a while. I STILL haven't seen any Heritage for sale anywhere I've looked in West Virginia. I found a blaster at a Kmart in Ohio, though.

Collective Troll said...

Thanks for the recognition and the great post ladies! I figured that whether or not you realized it, you are bible verse inscription collectors. i love the back of that turner ward card, too. that was an actual in person auto, which is unusual in verse add ons. As everyone may or may not know, i live within walking distance to the pirates spring HQ and turner spent a tiny bit of time there,as did johny ray. glad you are taking care of lefty for me. we aren't really on a first name basis anymore. i'm trying to get that name to stick to david price. lefty price, i like it!

Collective Troll said...

una cosa mas... i have never had a card sent to anyone descirbed as ineffable! you rock, that made my day!
go rays! troll out.

James B. Anama said...

Nothing wrong with being a set buyer. Really. That's how I've gotten most of my sets, Allen & Ginter or otherwise. I don't think we're that low on the Cardworld Hierarchy. And not that I haven't built sets before (this SP thing Topps has done has been time consuming), but buying sets works well for me.


JayBee Anama