Are you feeling Mello?

E-105 Mello Mint Gum Honus Wagner baseball card. Does Honus appear as though he's been dipping into the mints a bit?

The American Caramel series two, or E90-2 was issued with 11 cards. The set commemorates the 1909 Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. The key to the set is the Honus Wagner. This particular specimen (above) is said to be in PSA 2 condition. The detailed description of condition from the auction website, which you might consider looking at so you can see pretty pictures of old baseball cards, reads: “A well-centered card. There is a small stain at the bottom of the card. The bottom left corner shows the most wear and exhibits a corner crease. There is a tiny crease that meets the center region of the right border - very minor. There are some minor specs of residue at the top edge, and left edge of the card. The card presents itself extraordinarily well despite the technical grade.” PSA 2 is the "technical grade." Technically speaking. The auction concludes July 15. The E-Candy cards up for bid include E90-2 American Caramel Honus Wagner, E104-1 Nadja Caramels Eddie Plank, E105 Mello-Mint Gum Honus Wagner (batting, pictured at top of post), E92 Croft's Candy Christy Mathewson, and E90-1 American Caramel Cy Young (Boston). Technically speaking, the Christy Mathewson is the prettiest of the bunch.


JRJ said...

I love those old cards. Great scans.

Andrew said...

*sigh* When cards were lovely, so lovely.