Baseball card thingy from Planet Walmart.

If you're feeling frisky you can go to the Walmart website, type in 'Topps,' and get a 16" x 20" signed replica of Mark McGwire's rookie card, 1985 Topps Baseball Card #401 Team USA, for a mere $499.00 plus shipping. That is, if you want to bring back memories of the summer of '98, when McGwire was chasing Roger Maris and this seemed a good card to get, at least judging from the modality of the visible. At least that if no more.

Anyway, now you can obtain the card for about $20 or less. Thus are the mood swings of baseball card collecting as an investment.

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skoormit said...

And you've done it, and more. Pull off "snotgreen, bluesilver, rust" without seeming absurd and I might be even more amazed.

Now I'm dreaming of a Buck Mulligan baseball card. He has a baseball name.