Deft takes a Holliday.

After his July 25 trade from the Oakland A's to the St. Louis Cardinals, Matt Holliday is a slugger again. Why is this? Was he in offensive purgatory at Oakland's McAfee Coliseum? Does he prefer the National League (and well he should)? But why did the A's acquire him and then trade him away within a few months...was he walking around the clubhouse there in the doldrums? These are the mysteries we ponder.


skoormit said...

The A's picked up Holliday in the offseason because they thought they had a chance to contend in the AL West this year and because few other teams were interested in him. The prevalent belief was that his stats were altitude-enabled. That let Billy Beane pick up an offensive asset that he figured was undervalued.

The contention bid never materialized; the Angels are running away with the division. So, the A's switch to plan B, which is to flip Holliday for prospects.

All in all, another nice piece of work by Beane, IMHO.

tastelikedirt said...

Not only was he walking around in the clubhouse in the doldrums, he appeared to be walking around in left field in the doldrums...and in the batters box with the doldrums. I'm pretty sure Holliday made no new fans in Oakland. His demeanor just gave everybody the feeling he didn't care. Like he was just putting in his time. He turned down 4 years and $72 million from the Rockies. Holliday started getting hot a week or two before he was traded I suppose that's just continuing now in the weaker league.
Like mentioned above it was pretty much win-win for the A's. If they could get to the play off's great. If not they could get what they gave up for him. It turned out A's gave up three prospects to get three prospects. Might take a few years to find out who made the best deal, Rockies or A's...unless the Cardinals win the WS this year.

madding said...

I've heard all sorts of rumors and conjecture about Holliday being bummed in Oakland and also how he adopted a different swing there thanks to Mark McGwire and has now gone back to his original swing. Who knows? I am putting aside any reservations I have about the trade and plan on just enjoying the next couple of months of baseball to see where it leads.

If the Cards re-sign Holliday, it could end up being a win-win for both teams. The idea is that locking in Holliday for the future would make Pujols happy and convince him to stick around St. Louis long term as well.