Guessing game update: please try again.

Well! We're surprised that no one has come right out and picked the card we went for. (Although the array of responses is priceless.) Anyone who's already guessed can try again. All the same rules apply as mentioned in the original post. Here are hints: 1) it's something several have "hated" and mocked (we can't provide the links proving that because it would give away the choice); 2) we never claimed we aren't idiots; and 3) Lucy's name has the Latin root for one of the reasons why people don't care much for these. Yes, that was one of those hints that doesn't help much.


dayf said...

Hrm. This is difficult.

1) The A&G cards that was hated and mocked have all been picked, I thought. Well, I've mocked Frenchy, but that has nothing to do with A&G.

2) You aren't idiots, but it is true that you've never claimed that you aren't so I guess your statement is correct. THESE CLUES AREN'T HELPING

3)The Latin root for Lucy is Light. The only thing I can think that A&G cards have anything to do with light is when unscrupulous people* take a flashlight or other bright light source and shine it through a rip card to see what is in it before they actually rip it. Thus, buying one on eBay is not highly recommended as they are probably searched. So that means Francis or Neshek? You all love the TTM Autos and that card of Pat would look great with his sig on it, ripped or unripped.

I'll guess that then.

Pat Neshek Rip card.

*like me who just suggested a dealer do this to a card he pulled today

mmosley said...

I'll go with Ludwig. Lu-dwig/Lu-cy, Von/Van, Tomato/etc

Mark's Ephemera said...

This round I'll go with the decomposing composer, Beethoven.

Always nice when you see a master taking time out from writing a ditty to actually sign an autograph for some court urchin. Apparently he's done it enough times to be able to sign without looking at it.

Bonus points for the cool cravat.