Happiness is...an Allen & Ginter David Wright relic.

We received this from JD's Wild Cardz and Lucy stared at it for several seconds, then solemnly said, "I think this card is now the centerpiece of my collection." Not only because of the relic and overall Ginterliness, but also because it features Lucy's favorite DW stance


comes from none other than one of the guys who cracked this year's Allen & Ginter code! The best part of that accomplishment is how low-key and modest he is about it. Classy. Anyway, we thought that a song from the girls' favorite Peanuts movie, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" (we also enjoyed the Broadway play a few years ago) might express it best. Just change one of the lines to:

"Happiness is
a David Wright relic
from a blog friend"

and leave the rest intact. Thank you, Mike, for one of Lucy's new favorite cards and "centerpiece."

Photo of David Wright at Topps from 123people.com.

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