Mesmerizing 2009 Allen and Ginter autographs on eBay.

Sorry, this post appeared prematurely...buttons got pushed...we have recovered now and here are the cards on eBay currently that seem extra neat. Champion card stacker:

The first Puerto Rican to play baseball in the Negro Leagues. He's 103:

And be sure to watch the Ellen DeGeneres clip of 9 year old guitarist Yuto Miyazawa...
...cool kid, although he plays a lot better than he sings...his reaction when Ellen's surprise comes out is PRICELESS...and this is a beautiful card:
And then from sublime to ridiculous, there's the Electron Autograph:
There's an elaborate discussion on eBay about how this was signed, and it translates roughly as, "some guy signed it 'Electron.'"


Tom said...

Wow! Yuto Miyazawa is amazing. I saw the guitar he was holding and immediatly thought of Randy; after seeing the clip it all made sense.

Motherscratcher said...

That Yuto clip was great. He's a little asian Yngwie Malmsteen. I love watching guitar prodigies. Never get tired of it.