The mustache men: can you haiku?

We're going to decrease the number of cards we have around here and we begin with this baby step of a little contest. Whoever guesses the mustache man we think has the best presentation--that is, best mustache AND best mustache bearing--and writes a swell haiku about the choice, wins. Actually, in our society since we are very sensitive about "winning" and "losing" (especially Mets fans), instead we'll say "The Haiku Award Goes To ---". There are quite a few choices.

And you never know what moves us.

You'll win the following: a little packet of unopened 2003 Topps NFL cards that includes the nefarious Michael Vick, because we don't want him in our house, but there are four other cards in there that might very well be nifty; that Edgar Martinez jersey card with the tiniest swatch known to man; a shiny Alex Rodriguez 2007 Bowman Heritage card; a 1982 Topps Terry Bulling card (not pictured); and the greatest 1987 Topps card ever, "Kevin Mitchell dirtsmoke."Plus if we have any exceptional cards of your favorite team we'll send those also. The judges are Lucy and moi. All mustachio cards are from the quirky and great Mark's Ephemera, as is that spare Kevin Mitchell and, in fact, the wicked Vick. He sent a fantastic box of cards to us a while ago that included...squished pennies for the girls! They love squished pennies! And so we are not in any way complaining about the random Vick. Don't let card arrangement, team affiliation, or anything sensible influence your choice of who might be our favorite Mustache Man from this array.
Yes, there are lots of Mets. But non-Mets too. Cards are the cat's pajamas, aren't they?

Their wonders never cease.
Their fantastic-ness never flags.
About that haiku--or Japanese poem composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables--we realize haiku often reflect on some aspect of nature. To which we respond, is not a mustache an aspect of nature?


Mark's Ephemera said...

Pssst, Howard Johnson.
Your mustache has split and climbed,
Perched under your eyes.

mmosley said...

Dempsey and Mustache
Caught pitches and milk for years
Never an All-Star

PunkRockPaint said...

I was never particularly good with haiku, but Julio Valera brought me closer to nature:

tickling his top lip
witness the love embrace of
two caterpillars

(Tickling can, of course, be pronounced as tick-uh-ling. I prefer the more subtle tick-ling.)

PunkRockPaint said...

Not pushing foe extra credit, but Julio's eyebrows deserve respect as well...

above forlorn gaze
another pair of larvae
preparing to mate

gcrl said...

with apologies to bill cosby...

"little tiny hairs..."
thought a limping kirk gibson.
"growing out my face!"

Mark's Ephemera said...

Yeah, sorry about sending the Vick card. I almost opened the pack and pulled it.

To make up for that faux pas I'll be sending some more squished pennies to make up for it.