Oh, peachy! An OPC blaster break.

We ran a few errands today, before the 4th, and found that the first O Pee Chee blasters had arrived at Target. Woo hoo! We are on the cutting edge here in the high desert! So we decided to do a blaster break.


No baseball cards were harmed in the making of this video.

The cards are not bad, although they did not instill devotion. One compelling attribute is that each pack has some decent visual variety.

Lucy really likes Hideki Okajima's smile. And what's neat about the Ryan Sweeney card below?:
The player in the foreground is not the player named on the card, so that breaks with convention a little. The Pettitte hat tip would be more crisp if umpire parts weren't strewn behind him.
Not a thriller, that Johan shot. And...
...don't get us started.
The blaster box on the side included this Red Sox cutout card and one of Mr. Utley. In particular because of the Red Sox card, there was considerable glee around here when Lucy ninja-kicked the box.
These two were in one pack, and that's what we mean by visual variety. One pack, two catchers, very different cards.
The Bobby rookie card gets three out of four dings. One question, though. Why the RC symbol AND the rookie banner? Is this not overkill?

We are betting that these two players sign autographs as Matt T--- and Chris J---.
Love this card. Don't know why.

Do other members of the team feel bad when one is singled out as Face of the Franchise? For instance, the Mariners aren't too thrilled by Ichiro's star treatment. What are the basic requirements to be Face o' Franch? Batting average? Likeability? Photogenic-ineity?

We are not overly moved by Tim Redding cards. So he's sandwiched in there. Colby Rasmus is cute as a button. Chan Ho Park is doing the best he can with that Sears Photo Studio backdrop.

Again, no repetitive boringnosity. Two nice-looking cards. Mr. Schafer is apparently 15 years old.This blaster was lousy with Yankees and Phillies, which we didn't find uplifting. That's an interesting shot of Mr. Delgado. It does not bespeak deep interest in whatever was going on.
Mr. Hill is holding a tiny baseball, while Mr. Tallet got hold of a very large baseball. O-Pee-Chee may salute the historic opening of two new baseball stadiums in New York:but both ON and INSIDE the box, it's all about Yankee Stadium. YAWN. We're sure there is a more dullardly approach to baseball card design. Wait while we try to come up with it.

Two great smiles! Mr. Loney does not often smile on his baseball cards, either.

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BAT-POSE!


mikepelfreyshouse said...

Nice post! Although it says on the box: "New York New York features a great cast of the Bronx Bombers" Ok thats true, but theres also a bunch of players from that other team in New York! I even have a Pelfrey from the subset! Also it says that it "Salutes the openings of 2 new stadiums in New york" Thats true for the Yankees cards which features a picture of there new park, buuuut on the Mets cards it clearly shows a picture of Ol Shea! Does Upper Deck not like the Mets?

JD's Daddy said...

Hey, would you be willing to trade that Lincecum card? I am working on young phenom pitchers and looking for cards of him, gallardo, hanson, cueto, hernandez, etc. I have david Wrights, darryl Strawberry, and some Oki's I could kick down. Let me know!

Laurens said...

I like the Derek Je - ahem, Ryan Sweeney card with the unidentified New York Yankees' player making a cameo appearance.

Dan said...

I think if you check the Pettitte card closely, you'll find that that is not an umpire behind him but one of those "on-the-field" cameramen who run around with the cameras down low looking up the backsides of the players running off the field. Awful job by UD, again.

dayf said...

Best video ever!


Tunguska said...

If you need to find a home for those Blue Jays cards I would be willing to suggest mine. I have a stack of OPC that was going to be a set but have since decided against it.

PunkRockPaint said...

Lucy owes me a new computer... I spit coffee all over my laptop when I watched the video!

It was worth it!

dc said...

prp, lucy read your comment and said, 'do i really have to get him a computer?' very concerned. :)

tunguska, pls email us your address, we'll send the four blue jays cards we pulled (alex rios, tallet, lyle overbay, joe inglett).

we'll email you jd'sd.

madding said...

Such a strange set. I wonder what the players were thinking when they were asked to pose for those portraits... like, do we really do still do this in this day and age? It must have felt like school picture day.