One retail pack of 2009 Allen and Ginter.

Pre-searched, of course.

So despite the unfortunate name (difficult to have a name that makes one want to shout "chop!"), we think this is a beautifully composed baseball card. The slight lean forward, the hat covering a little bit of his left eye...unusually well thought out. Mr. LaRoche looks irritated that he is apparently attempting to outrun a ballfield zamboni.
Hand-on-hip just doesn't seem like a baseball playery pose, but he has a nice smile.
Do you like the National Pride cards? Or are they overly dependent on flags?
Mr. Kosuke has a fascinating stance and expression in this card. Amused? Threatening? Can't tell.
We love this mini. The proprietor of Dinged Corners is half-Polish and half-Irish. In grade school once, after introductions on the first day of class, a boy said--not meanly but with concern--"Polish AND Irish? Wow, you must be really dumb." What do you think Kosciuszko, whom we mainly know as a bridge in NY rather than a hero of wars for independence, is saying?


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Kosciuszko says,

"I guess the joke's on you. I have my own A&G card!"