Planet Zito 2000.

The year 2000 saw a plenitude of excellence in the realm of Barry Zito baseball cards.
Sadly, the magnificence of this card, a Barry Zito Ultimate Victory Rookie 2000 numbered 343/2500, cannot be conveyed via scanner. The blue is darker than it's coming across, and everything on the card looks sharp enough that the innocent collector should have Band-Aids handy when touching this cardboard gem.
It is also the only one of the four cards presented here that have different text on the back, because it's Upper Deck, and the following three are Topps. The text shows you how much can change in nine years. Mr. Z is no longer with the Athletics; now it's the Rays and thankfully not the Devil Rays; and the back is pre-2001, so the world was just different, at least in American eyes.
Here we have a 2000 Bowman Chrome of Barry doing an early version of his Zoolander stare. The card number is 419:
This cardback text exemplifies the high esteem placed on recycling by the Topps Company, as you'll see shortly.
The 2000 Bowman Barry. On the front it says MLB Debut: 07/22/00.

Same back! Card number 4. Right above the legal copyright talk is a faint line that reads: 'Facsimile signature shown is as appears on original (Rookie) Topps contract.' Did the lawyers say, "Write nice! We're going to use this signature on bazillions of cards."?

In a mindbending tribute to the Bowman TV baseball cards, here we have The Mellow One pictured (same picture) on a DVD player screen. This Bowman card is also numbered 419.

Why, it's the same back! These cards came to us from the generous and spirited proprietor of Carl Crawford Cards. Thank you very much, Paul, for bringing extreme pop to our Zito binder.

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I have a couple Zito/David Wright cards I could add to your collection if you want. E-mail me at grandsonsofliberty@hotmail.com.