Mystery of the Mets Heritage cards SOLVED.

Due to an insidious case of summer amnesia, we forgot about participating in one of Mighty I Am Joe Collector's box breaks. We said "Mets" and these are the results.

We didn't realize that three of the players posed with exactly the same expressions for this set:

Neat trick. Our boy John Maine didn't go along with the plan:No wonder Johan is smiling; he's shiny and he hadn't experience this season yet. We love the 1960-floaty-heads design for the coaches card:

This was included too:

A black "authentic game-worn jersey" bit and a very nice card.

There are no promises made on the back about what is meant by authentic; just a cartoon, some text about Mr. Wright, and a fellow saying "Relics, I love these threads," making a fey gesture, staring admiringly at a jersey with a W on it. In the lore of baseball card backs, which requires that the cartoon figure bears no resemblance in facial feature, skin color, or body type to the player on the card front, that is probably supposed to be David Wright himself. But the visual would be more compelling if it was meant to be a guy in his undershirt, say maybe a blogger, in the clubhouse admiring the jersey before it is sliced into bits for a card.

This is lovely:
So, thank you, Mystery Person, and please identify yourself.


stusigpi said...

They are from my June monthly baseball box busters group break. It was 1 prime cuts and two heritage.


Alan Duda said...

Love that New Age Performers card at the end there. Think it was a gapper or a flyout?