Ryan Church, we hardly knew ye. Welcome to panic mode.

So the Mets acquired outfielder Jeff Francoeur from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for outfielder Ryan Church. Braves fans, you got a class act. Again and again, Ryan Church was given the opportunity to bash the Mets (or more specifically Jerry Manuel, who has been nothing but unpleasant and unhelpful to RC) on his way out the door Friday, but didn't.

Let's be frank. It's Manuel who should go; he's been worse for the team even than Willie Randolph. He has built and overseen a leaderless (people like to blame David Wright for that), busted-wheel, poorly piloted team with no chemistry whatsoever. And now it will have less.

Anyway. Mr. Francoeur is 25, hit .250 (76-304) with 32 runs, 12 doubles, two triples, five home runs and 35 RBI in 82 games for the Braves this season. Against lefties Francoeur is hitting .303 (27-89) this year. Francoeur, who was drafted by Atlanta in the first round (23rd overall) in the 2002 First Year Player Draft, has a .266 (653-2453) career batting average with 310 runs scored, 129 doubles, 12 triples, 78 home runs, 359 RBI in 631 career games. Good luck, Frenchy.

It's funny, we don't mind the Mets being lovable losers. But under this manager, they're not even lovable.



Believe me, I know the feeling !

JRJ said...

I don't understand this move yet. So far, it seems to be the equivalent to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Lonestarr said...

For both teams, JRJ?

Word Verification: uncoathe

Lucy said...


JRJ said...

@Lonestarr - I just don't see how this solves any of the Mets problems. I'm a Mets fan I don't know how trading their every day right fielder in the division for a player who was sent to AA last year helps the team this year and the Mets have to pay the Braves for part of Church's salary. Maybe both guys couldn't get along with their managers or something. I don't know.