Allen and Ginter thoughts, and a question. (edit)

Most baseball card collectors love Allen & Ginter, and 2009 will be no different. Even those who claim they don't care for it much buy it on the sly. I can't prove that but have suspicions because the product is irresistible. :) My question is, will you collect this set in the same way as you did last year? Or will you employ a different method? And if so, what is that method? You can buy hobby boxes and blasters, and fill in the gaps with the help of fellow bloggers. You can buy a complete set on eBay. You can watch the parade go by and then in a few months, zero in on some bargains. My sense is that you are all innate set builders, but in a poor economy, what is the best way to go about it?

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night owl said...

Economy be darned. I went out and ordered a hobby box of A&G. First time for that. I guess the rules don't apply for Allen & Ginter

crackinwax said...

This year's A&G set will be my very first attempt at completing a master base set of any kind EVER. It doesn't get any different than that!

dayf said...

Just go ahead and link my blog instead of a single post because I already have ten A&G posts in the can and it's going to be all A&G all the time for at least two weeks starting tonight. I've even started a "My Favorite Cliffs" impromptu insert set for the release.

To answer your question, scrounge and scrimp for enough to buy a hobby box, then sneak blasters as I can get away with it and hopefully find people willing to trade '09 A&G for excess '06-08 AG doubles.

capewood said...

I bought blasters and some loose packs last year. I don't think this year will be any different.

GCA said...

This year will be different for me, since I've never bought any A&G before. This year I decided to jump in and try for the set and the inserts. If they don't short print them to death and can actually pack them properly (unlike the main set SPs), I'll go for it.

PunkRockPaint said...

I am gonna go buy an overpriced hobby box from a local card shop (just like last year.)

I am NOT going to buy a BILLION blasters (unlike last year.)

I will change my mind and buy a BILLION blasters (just like last year.)

I will not attempt to complete the set (unlike last year.)

Lonestarr said...

Well, I've got a hobby box ordered, easily the most expensive I've ever purchased, by approximately $20, so that's different, and may scrounge up the cash for a second down the line.

Here is my plan: I'm going for something of a master set this time out, despite my inherent poorness. I'm going for complete base, minis, inserts, an auto and relic from every tier/group (except for a DNA one unless fortune smiles upon me), all the regular boxtoppers and a relic one if it should fall into my lap, and an unripped rip card. Also as many different Cubs/other players I collect mini variations as possible.

LOL, since I am more-or-less doctor-certified crazy, why not dream big enough to the point of delusions of grandeur? :P

grant said...

I still have no clue as to what I'm going to do yet. I may just buy a box and go from there. Grant