Ten baseball cards you don't need.

We begin with four. These are the cards that, for instance, you will, but don't want to, get in repack boxes.

You do not need any 1986 Topps cards because they are like the pop-top rings people used to have to pull off beverage cans

that were strewn everywhere, before someone invented cans

with tabs, or immovable openers? 1986 Topps cards,

barren not only of rookies but aesthetics, are the equivalent of those early soda cans that caused serious problems in the landfill. Our theory is that maybe someone tried to evoke 1975 Topps but failed.

The result is that when you get a 1986 Topps plus another iffy component, like Mr. Leyland's hat, it's too much to bear. And the cardstock is flimsier than usual.

2007 Moments and Milestones. The key words: design repetitiveness. Rep.eti.tive.ness.

Cards of Curt Schilling, any make, model, or year. Or perhaps Sammy Sosa or Rafael Palmiero?

1989 Score. Ok, we give up. What might they have been thinking?


Fuji said...

I know I'm the minority... but I actually like the 1986 Topps design. My only complaint is that it didn't include the team's logo.

I can't wait to see the other six cards. Keep up the great blog.

crackinwax said...

Hey,I love 1986 Topps! http://crackinwax.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/boredom-at-3am/

DC said...

Fuji, Uh oh, don't go gettin' us to reconsider.

]Unfair advantage[ as you make them look great, maybe even spectacular, in your photos. That is not the tactile reality. :)

dayf said...

I like '86 Topps too! How can you not like that funky blocky font! That set was the one that brought me back to the hobby after a couple of years in the wilderness.

(I want that Pirates hat. I will wear it every day)

Billy Suter said...

You're breakin' my heart here! There's nothing wrong with '86 Topps.