Top Ten Things That Went Through Mark Buehrle's Mind During His Perfect Game.

10 I did it! I did it! Oh wait, it's only the fourth inning.

9 If this doesn't get Kate Hudson to notice me, nothing will.

8 Too bad I'm not on my own fantasy team.

7 I'm leaving after the 7th inning to beat traffic.

6 My brother-in-law bowled a perfect game.

5 Josh Fields and DeWayne Wise: "We're going to Disney World!" MB: "And I'm running for Governor of Alaska."

4 Did I remember to Tivo 'So You Think You Can Dance'?

3 Should I shave my back?

2 Sunflower seed lodged in windpipe...get help....

1 Maybe I'll give up a hit so I don't have to appear on Letterman.

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