'Touch the Game' Japanese baseball cards.

We were the lucky recipients of a packet from the quirky and endearing lonestarr, and there was some very cool cardboard in there. For instance, we'd never seen any BBM Touch the Game cards in person before. (NPB Card Guy, the brilliant dean of Japanese baseball cards and proprietor of the Japanese Baseball Cards blog, explains a bit about the company here.) These are "high end" cards made of thick cardstock, with embossed and shiny bits. One fine feature is that the front includes an action shot, and the back a portrait. All American card companies should always do this, period, end of story. There's no excuse for reprinting a photo from the front of a baseball card on the back. No other opinion about this will be tolerated!

Ahem. Many bats fly in this set. How do you feel about dropping out the actual background in favor of stylized imagery? I remember what a big hit that was with Upper Deck X.
This may be the best mascot/checklist card ever created:
Vaguely scary, as all good mascot cards should be.
This is what the pack would look...had to retrieve the image from a Japanese store website:
Insanely fancy.

Lonestarr also sent this Johjima jersey bit; a So Taguchi bat bit;
and a Japanese Collegiate All-Star jersey that we didn't have:

Wonderful! Thank you, lonestarr.


lonestarr said...

Glad you liked. :D

The Touch the Game cards are way classy, kinda like a more self-confident Upper Deck Ovation.

Oh, and there is still LOTS more stuff to come from me.

dayf said...

"How do you feel about dropping out the actual background in favor of stylized imagery?"

If done properly, it can look very nice.

It is rarely done properly.

--David said...

Wow, those are GREAT!!!