Unusual Mets team logo and other Cliffhangers.

It may be hard to tell from the scan, but that Jonathon Niese logo is different from the other team logos on 2009 Upper Deck cards we've seen. It's foil. It has serious shininess.There's this kind. And the Mets skyline logo. But not in foil. So. What's that all about?

We traded Phillies for Mets, Cliff and we, and as usual he was very generous. One thing we've noticed about 2009 Goudey is that members of your preferred team tend to look less terrifying than most of the Ferengian images. Familiarity in this case breeds not contempt but relief.
Oliver Perez in one of those O Pee Chee mug shots; he's showing his weapon of choice. The Schneider shot is a good, solid, nutritious but not overly satisfying baseball card photograph. It's the Charlie the Tuna of baseball cards.

On the right, well, that's as close to an action shot as many Mets are able to deliver this year.

Curtis needs to be a Met. He's wasted on the Tigers. He is Curtis Hustle. He and David Wright working together would rock baseball's world.

The best thing about these Topps cards is that when you turn them over....
...you find a midair moment and a David-ian swing. Thanks to one of the great baseball card blog gentleman, Cliff of Capewood Collections, for these and many other excellent cards. We got the better of that trade.


Grand Cards said...

Noooo! Wasted on the Tigers?! He's their heart and soul! That said, if many, many (many) years down the line Curtis were no longer a Tiger, there would be worse things than him being a Met.

beardy said...

Me thinky the shiny is a short print. Me no sure though.

capewood said...

I've got a post of what I got in the trade coming up, I think, Monday. I'm pretty happy with what you sent, especially that itty-bitty Cracker Jack card.